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Environmental Characterization

An environmental characterization study enables us to describe the different environments (natural and anthropogenic) found on a property. We carry out research beforehand to assess the presence of at-risk species, invasive alien species, water environments and wetlands. During the on-site visit, our team carries out inventories and surveys that enable us to produce an overarching description of the study area and the wildlife and plant life contained therein.

Identifying and Marking Off Wetlands

Aqua Ingenium is able to identify and mark off wetlands on a property. We carry out topographical surveys using a high-precision tool called a GNSS.

Engineering for dams

To validate the conformity of an existing dam, a safety assessment must be performed by recognized engineers. Aqua Ingenium is qualified to analyze all the important parameters of the retaining structures, namely hydraulics, structure and geotechnical engineering. In addition to producing the studies, we can design a rehabilitation, design a new dam construction and produce the plans and specifications that will allow the necessary permits and execution of the work

Stream Crossings

Stream crossings mostly include bridges and culverts. It is essential to properly size these structures to optimize the technical and economic aspects, to ensure their durability over time, to ensure their ability to catch the flood and to allow fish to pass through. Aqua Ingenium has the expertise to carry out hydraulic studies allowing the design of sleepers in accordance with the rules of the art. In addition to carrying out the studies, we produce the plans and specifications, carry out requests for ministerial authorization to obtain permits and accompany clients in the execution of the work.

Protection against bank erosion

Bank erosion is an issue of concern for many waterfront owners. Whether at the edge of a waterway or in a maritime context, erosion protection works are very often essential for the preservation of properties. Appropriate planning and implementation of sound response practices ensure that these structures will last over time. We are in a position to propose works of naturalization of the banks, works of riprap or the development of various walls. Our professionals are able to produce the required hydraulic and geotechnical studies, propose solutions adapted to local realities and produce plans and specifications.

Stormwater management structures

Land development and new construction generally involve some surface waterproofing, which implies an increase in runoff water.

In order to limit the additional flow of water to storm sewer systems and, especially, the associated negative impacts (sewer overflow, erosion, transport of sediment and pollutants, etc.), municipalities are increasingly adopting bylaws to ensure that each property manages the runoff waters produced by its developments. The contribution of Aqua Ingenium is to design and develop solutions that maximize natural infiltration and retention at a given site. Our team has the expertise and skills to produce the optimal storm water management studies and to produce the plans and specifications for the associated works.

Wastewater treatment (flow rate greater than 3240 L/d)

Under current regulations, if a commercial, an industrial or an institutional building has to treat a wastewater flow greater than 3 240 L/d, the design of the system must be approved by the MELCCFP through a request for Ministerial Authorization. Aqua Ingenium has a strong expertise in the design of structures for wastewater treatment for projects with a throughput of more than 3240 L/J. Our team makes sure to provide the most economical and efficient system possible.

Water collection and distribution for more than 20 people

A Ministerial Authorization issued by the MELCCFP is required to construct and operate a water collection and distribution system if it must supply more than 20 people. To do this, some expertise must be carried out, particularly to assess the quantity and quality of the water. The hydrogeological study is the document that puts all these elements into perspective. A ministerial authorization is issued when all parameters are compliant and safe for consumption. The team of Aqua Ingenium is there to accompany you with the design of the system until obtaining the authorizations.

Slope Stability Study

There are several areas at risk of slope instability in Quebec. In these cases, it is important to know the risks associated with new construction. The slope stability study allows to put in perspective all the parameters to analyse stability and to make recommendations concerning the measures to be taken to avoid any risk of ground movement.

Retaining wall

When it comes to erecting a retaining wall that is more than two metres high, it is strongly suggested that you be accompanied by competent engineers who will ensure the sustainability of the structure and the safety of users. Our professionals can prepare the plans and specifications taking into account the nature of the soils in place and the immediate environment. We also have good expertise in the design of temporary retaining walls on construction sites.

Study of soil load-bearing capacity

Do you want to know if your soil has the necessary attributes to support the weight of your infrastructure? Using a lightweight dynamic penetrometer, our team will analyze the data and provide you with clear recommendations on the approach to take for your project.

Assessing Granular Base Compaction

The consistency and compaction of the granular base play a crucial role in the quality of the infrastructure it is supporting. A nucleodensimeter is required to assess granular base compaction. Equipped with our nucelodenismeter, we are able to carry out this service.

Quality control of quarry materials

Aqua Ingenium is able to carry out quality control of quarry materials in order to ensure that it comply with current standards. We conduct laboratory analyses and tests on soils and aggregates.

Plans and specifications for civil engineering works

To be able to carry out civil engineering works (roads, sewers, water supply, etc.), it is necessary to prepare plans and specifications that will be used to obtain permit, to hire contractor and build the work. These documents put in perspective the plans of the work, describe the work to be carried out, define the quantities of materials to be used and their specificities, identify the standards that apply and cover all the contractual and administrative aspects. Aqua Ingenium can prepare plans and specifications for several types of work of varied scope.

Construction cost estimation

Each construction project is unique and therefore the cost estimate must be made conscientiously, taking into account the plans and specifications. Our experts are there to make a detailed budget estimate for engineering projects.

Request for Ministerial Authorization (MA) from the Department of Environment and Climate Change (MELCCFP)

The purpose of the Environmental Quality Act (LQE) is to preserve the quality of the environment, promote its remediation and prevent its deterioration. One of the ways to do that is to establish a preventative regime whereby certain projects or activities are subject to an authorization from the department. Do you have a project that requires approval from MELCCFP? Call on our team, who will be able to complete your application quickly.

High precision topographical survey

Aqua Ingenium is able to carry out high-quality and precise topographical surveys using state-of-the-art tool that allows to work more efficiently.

Drone surveys

Photogrammetry is a technique that allows us to generate three-dimensional modelling of a terrain based on images taken from numerous photographs. Thanks to this three-dimensional model, combined with other types of high-precision surveys, the Aqua Ingenium team is able to produce high-quality topographical surveys. These surveys can help calculate volumes, conduct topographical surveys, field scans and more.

Radon measurement and development of corrective action plans

Radon is a radioactive gas that comes from the uranium decay naturally present in the Earth’s crust. The amount of radon in the soil can vary significantly from place to place. This gas seeps into buildings, especially through foundations, and can sometimes accumulate and reach concentrations that can pose a health risk. It is a gas that has no smell, no taste and no colour, so it cannot be detected by the senses (Government of Quebec, 2021). Want to have radon levels measured in your home? Our team is equipped to measure radon and qualified to offer mitigation solutions in your home or building.

Environmental Site Assessment Study (Phase I, II and III)

The purpose of an environmental site assessment is to determine if a property is contaminated or likely to be contaminated. Depending on the situation, this study can be carried out in three distinct phases.

Phase 1

During the first evaluation phase, the team conducts a file review and a site visit. It will ensure that available information on the property of interest and surrounding lands is collected. The information collected will help establish the site’s history and determine the risks of contamination.

Phase 2

If phase I determine that there is a risk of contamination, environmental characterization work is conducted. Samples are taken at the study site according to the type of contamination (water, air, soil). The results of these tests confirm the contamination or not. These are compared with the criteria established according to the use of the lot to determine if further study or rehabilitation is required.

Phase 3

If contamination is confirmed in the previous phase (Phase II), Phase III establishes the limits of contamination with greater certainty, determines the volume of contaminated material, identifies the impacts of contamination on the environment and assesses the risk to health, wildlife and plants.


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