Residential services

Septic installation

Our services includes, among others, site and natural terrain characterization studies for isolated residences and other buildings (Q-2, r.22), inspection of existing septic systems, preliminary study for future septic systems, flow equivalency letters, annual maintenance of septic systems and more.

Site and Natural Terrain Characterization Study for Isolated Residences and Other Buildings (Q-2, r.22)

Our team can conduct a site survey that will allow us to design the septic system best adapted to local constraints. The final product consists of a soil analysis, a detailed report and plans and specifications for your future septic system. These documents are mandatory to obtain a permit for the construction of a new isolated residence or to modify an existing septic system.

Inspection of existing septic systems

Is your septic system getting older? Are you buying a property that has a septic system? We can conduct a detailed inspection of the septic system in order to validate its compliance, through a classification that assesses the system’s performance while complying with the regulations (Q-2, r. 22).

Preliminary study for future septic systems

Do you want to determine whether a piece of land is constructible in terms of septic systems, without having to pay for a complete soil study? The preliminary study proposes a preliminary recommendation on the type(s) of wastewater treatment system(s) to be installed on a site and gives an order of magnitude of the price of the system. This study is valuable in real estate transactions.

Debit Equivalency Letter

The project you care about requires a change in use of a building? Aqua Ingenium assists you by performing the flow calculations and writing an equivalency letter for isolated residences and other buildings. This letter is often required for short-term rental projects to determine the maximum capacity of eligible individuals.

Wells and water withdrawal

Aqua Ingenium is a key partner in monitoring the quality of your drinking water. We are here to offer you simple and effective solutions to produce quality drinking water and ensure the health of your family and loved ones.

Study for the sampling of water and its protection (Q-2, r. 35.2)

The purpose of this study is to ensure the protection of water collected for human consumption or food processing. Thanks to this study, Aqua Ingenium locates the water wells according to the regulations and makes the plans and specifications for the construction. We advise you on the location and type of wells to erect according to the reality of the terrain. Check with your municipality if you need a plan signed by a professional.

Supervision of well sealing work (Q-2, r. 35.2)

In the event that the constraints of your land necessitate to proceed with the sealing of your well, our trained specialists are able to supervise the work by offering a full collaboration with the well diggers. In addition, our speed of travel makes us partner of choice in your project.

Water quantity assessment (flow test)

Are you concerned that your well may not provide the amount of water you need? To avoid surprises, our team calculates for you the flow rate of your well. If needed, solutions are proposed to correct the supply problem.

Water Quality Assessment

Every well owner is legally required to provide drinking water to himself and his family, as well as to his visitors, in accordance with the Drinking Water Quality Regulations (s. 3). When well water is destined for human consumption, it must meet the standard set out in the Drinking Water Quality Regulations to ensure its quality. An analysis must be performed. It is recommended that a well be sampled twice a year in the spring and fall.

Well and plumbing equipment disinfection

You have done a water quality test and it confirms that certain colonies of bacteria are present? No worries, our team is able to carry out the disinfection of your well and the plumbing system for you or to guide you on the procedure to follow.

Other Residential Engineering Services

We offer tailor-made, simple and inexpensive solutions to protect you against loss of land due to erosion or lack of space. We specialize in slope stability and geological hazards.

Geotechnical and slope stability study

Are you located in an area that is at risk of slope instability? If so, it will be helpful to know the risks of adding a building to the embankment and the applicable minimum protection bands. Aqua Ingenium issues recommendations on safe distances to bring.

Load bearing capacity study

Do you want to know if your soil has the necessary attributes to support the weight of your infrastructure? Using a lightweight dynamic penetrometer, our team will analyze the data and provide you with clear recommendations on the approach to take for your project.

Retaining wall

When it comes to erecting a retaining wall that is more than two metres high, it is strongly suggested that you be accompanied by competent engineers who will ensure the sustainability of the structure and the safety of users. Our professionals can prepare the plans and specifications taking into account the nature of the soils in place and the immediate environment. We also have good expertise in the design of temporary retaining walls on construction sites.

Stream crossing

Stream crossings mostly include bridges and culverts. It is essential to properly size these structures to optimize the technical and economic aspects, to ensure their durability over time, to ensure their ability to catch the flood and to allow fish to pass through. Aqua Ingenium has the expertise to carry out hydraulic studies allowing the design of sleepers in accordance with the rules of the art. In addition to carrying out the studies, we produce the plans and specifications, carry out requests for ministerial authorization to obtain permits and accompany clients in the execution of the work.

Erosion protection

Along the banks, there is increasing talk of erosion. Whether due to a change in flow in the stream or the effect of waves on the shoreline, our professionals offer solutions adapted to your situation. We carry out plans and specifications, as well as site monitoring.

Stormwater management

Do you need a water management plan for a permit application for a new construction or are you experiencing water problems on your property after heavy rain? Having a good stormwater management system avoids many disadvantages to your infrastructure when the flow is directed to the right place. Aqua Ingenium finds the right solution for the nature of your soil by promoting infiltration directly on your ground. We take charge of the plans and specifications, as well as the supervision of the site, according to your needs.


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