Municipal services

Our team of experts is able to offer various engineering services to your municipality. From design, planning, project management and site monitoring, we will work with your municipal officials to meet your needs.

Design of water, sewer and road systems

If your municipality is considering creating a new residential area or renovating an existing street, Aqua Ingenium professionals will be happy to help you through the design and application process. Our experts will carry out, among other things, hydraulic calculations, soil analysis, numerical modelling and the harvesting of all the inputs that will allow to achieve an optimal design.

Plans and specifications for municipal infrastructure works, project management and site monitoring

Whether it is for plans and specifications, project management or site monitoring, Aqua Ingenium professionals have the experience of several major municipal infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges and culverts, retaining walls and other structures.

Municipal Infrastructure Management

Management of municipal infrastructures is a major issue for many municipalities. Knowing your assets and their condition is a good practice that will ensure optimal decision-making, as well as sustainable and effective management. Our team can see all these elements for your community. We can:

  • Inventory the infrastructures;
  • Inspect the infrastructures;
  • Diagnose the state of the infrastructure;
  • Determine the right intervention methods;
  • Evaluate cost;
  • Identify priority projects;
  • Attach projects to grants;
  • Plan work.

Document production and tender management

Your municipality has to go to tender, and you need support to do that? Aqua Ingenium offers you the necessary support to produce technical and administrative documents related to tenders for engineering services, supply services and contractor services. These tenders may be public or by invitation depending on the size of the project. In addition to the production of documents, our experts can also ensure the complete management of the call for tenders, make addenda if required and evaluate the bids received.

Preparation of applications for financial assistance

When it comes to municipal works, the majority of them are subsidized by different ministries depending on their nature. Whether it is a request to the ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MAMH) or the Transportation ministry (MTQ), engineering documents must be submitted with the requests. Aqua Ingenium offers you to become your trusted partner to produce, in collaboration with you, applications for financial assistance.

Development of response plans

When assessing municipal assets, findings are drawn on the condition of these assets. In order to optimize the management of municipal infrastructure, we can develop a response plan that will identify priority work to be done in the short term. The response plan will allow the municipality to provide a better framework by identifying the interventions to be put forward to resolve any problems. For the majority of government financial assistance, the intervention plan is required and must be approved in advance by the department concerned. Our team is the resource to consult for the development of this tool.

Application for an Environmental Certificate of Ministerial Authorization (MA)

Do you want to carry out work in a natural environment? As a result, you will need to complete an application for a certificate of Ministerial Authorization (MA) from the Department of Environment and Climate Change (MELCCFP) under the Quality of the Environment Act (LQE). The application must include all the documents and information required by the regulation. Aqua Ingenium can accompany you in your process by producing the request for you.

Quality control of construction materials

Aqua Ingenium offers quality control services for construction materials to validate quality and compliance. We offer soil and aggregate sampling, as well as compaction testing. Our team ensures that all parameters meet the technical requirements of the construction specifications.

Sewage treatment plant services and aerated pond sludge management

Over time, sludge accumulates in wastewater treatment ponds and reduces useful volume. All this can have consequences on the retention time needed to treat the water at the treatment plant. At least every three years, or more frequently as appropriate, the measurement of the level of sludge accumulated in ponds must be carried out. This ensures that the sludge build-up will not result in poor plant scrubbing performance, potential for stream contamination, breakage, or a reduction in the performance of the aeration system used in ponds. Our experts will be able to measure the sludge and even plan the emptying.

Hydraulic study and identification of flood zones

Did you know that in Quebec, many flood maps are out of date? Gradually, they are being reworked across the province. For its part, Aqua Ingenium is able to carry out the hydraulic studies necessary to determine such areas. To achieve this, the team will conduct bathymetric and topographical surveys, numerical modelling and statistical analysis of extreme historical events.

Support for municipal technical teams

Some municipalities or MRCs may not have all the resources required in their teams to carry out certain projects. In order to support engineering and public works teams, Aqua Ingenium offers the possibility of using technical support from engineers and technicians to overcome the lack of staff or expertise. Our engineers have strong expertise in the field and will be happy to help your organization.


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